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If you rely on butter, white flour, and sugar as the base of all your desserts, you’re missing an opportunity to add nutrients and unique flavor combinations. Learn more about baking swaps.

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Bat Energy Bites

Easy and healthy, these Bat Energy Bites are the perfect snack to make this spooky season – full of oats, protein, cocoa powder, and other energy boosting ingredients!

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The Buzz: Adaptogens

Looking to decrease stress and increase energy levels? Adaptogens to the rescue — or so they claim. Find out if these various substances can really help your body “adapt.”

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Make Meals Social for Better Health

In a world where we’re constantly on the go, sitting at the table for a meal with family or friends might feel like a bit of a luxury but taking a break and eating with others offers many benefits.

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Is Your Drink (De)Hydrating?

Foods and beverages affect hydration in different ways, depending on factors such as water content and other ingredients. Use this quick guide to determine how your food or beverage choices affect hydration.

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10 Brain-Boosting Bites

The connection between food and healthy aging has been well-established. More recently though, scientists have found a relationship between certain foods and how the brain functions even beyond early development in children.

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Toasted Pepita Pesto

Pesto can be made with almost any nut or seed one desires; this recipe uses pepitas. Toasting the pepitas releases their oils and deepens their flavor for a delicious take on the classic. Serve over whole wheat pasta thinned with a bit of pasta cooking water and topped with halved cherry tomatoes, torn fresh basil leaves, and a sprinkling of Parmesan.

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Incorporate homegrown or local zucchini into your breakfast or lunch routine with these zucchini and chickpea fritters. Served warm, enjoy these fritters as-is, with a drizzle of yogurt, or topped with a poached egg.

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Nutrition is just as important for mental performance as it is for physical. See if you can gain a competitive edge by properly fueling for esports.

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Plant-Based Eating YOUR Way

You don’t have to be a vegetarian or vegan to reap the benefits of plant-based eating. There are no rules when it comes to adding plant-based meals to your routine — choose what works for you.

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Zucchini noodles are a lighter, fresher alternative to traditional pasta, while avocado-pistachio pesto is full of flavor and packed with nutrients. Personalize the way you eat plants by enjoying this meal warm or cold!

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Turns out, the secret to health and wellness may be a “choose-your-own adventure” story. Learn more about how you can personalize your plate for sustainable changes to dietary behavior.

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The Best (and Worst) Food for Your Gut

Research shows that our gut microbiome — the community of bacteria that reside in our digestive tract, primarily the small intestine — is linked to everything from acne and eczema to diabetes and weight management.

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The Buzz: Postbiotics

Most of us have heard of pre- and probiotics, but there’s a new kid on the block, known as postbiotics, that’s showing a lot of promise in the scientific community.

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Cocoa Banana Steel Cut Overnight Oats

Take action the night before to fuel a day of healthy choices. Overnight oats are a no-cook way to set yourself up for a nutrient-rich breakfast with minimal prep work. Make a large batch to fuel your week.

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Micro Actions for Lasting Change

When New Year’s Resolutions have a (sad) history of failure, why do we keep attempting sweeping changes? Perhaps setting your sights on something smaller will lead to bigger results in the long run.

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Why Eating Local’s Worth Your While

We’ve all heard why eating local’s great: it supports nearby communities, there are environmental benefits, just-picked produce is higher in nutritional value, and seasonal produce almost always tastes better (heads...

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Making Plants the Stars of the Plate

In a culture where meat often stars as the center of the meal, moving to plant-forward eating can seem like a tectonic plate shift. However, making this change doesn’t have to be earthshaking as it seems.

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Finding the Taste of Your Place

We’ve all heard why eating local’s great: it supports nearby communities, there are environmental benefits, just-picked produce is higher in nutritional value, and seasonal produce almost always tastes better (heads...

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When Beauty Is Skin Deep

Consider the potato: the humble subterranean tuber’s rough exterior belies a versatile flesh that can be fluffy when baked, velvety when puréed, and is downright iconic when fried. The potato...

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Composting 101

If you’ve been meaning to start composting and just haven’t quite figured out the best way to begin, we’re here for you!

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A Love Affair with Imperfection

Here at Bon Appétit, we love food. So, we’re going to tell you a love story — about produce. There will be heartbreak, and there will be hard work. But, trust us, the ending is delicious.

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The Buzz: Fermented Foods

What’s the buzz? Fermented foods are everywhere you turn these days — with claims they promote gut health, and good health in general, due to the probiotics (or “good” bacteria) these foods provide. What does the science say?

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Growing a Better Chicken, Slowly

Almost all of the chicken in America’s food supply comes from breeds of fast-growing “broiler” chickens that reach maturity quicker than ever before. Sounds efficient, right? Well, we’re fans of pokier, slower-growing chickens. Here’s why.

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The Buzz: Matcha

What’s the buzz? Ditch your coffee for a matcha latte and you could live longer, weigh less, and feel better. What does the science say?

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Go Wild for Good Fish

Wild salmon is often more expensive and in shorter supply than farm-raised salmon (often called Atlantic). Here’s why we choose to avoid the tame kind anyway.

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The Buzz: Feeling “Hangry”

What’s the buzz? In pop culture, people frequently talk about the feeling of being “hangry” — a hybrid of the words hungry and angry. Can food (or a lack thereof) really affect our emotions? What does the science say?

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