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join us for Egg Bread Thursdays! it will be available a bit later than usual today, but you can`t rush greatness. see you soon! ...

meet the newest addition our menu! our vanilla buttercream cake pops are completely housemade, never frozen, and 100% delicious. available all day, while items last.
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why did the ramen noodle break up with the spaghetti noodle? because it found its soy-mate in the udon noodle! kimchi udon bokkeum featured on Joeun today and Tuesday! ...

🍤 po’boy time at LC Kitchen! 🎊 available today and Tuesday for lunch! while ingredients last. place your order online to beat the rush and secure your special. visit our website for full menu availability and to order online. ...

We`re flipping the switch to plants this Earth Day, and we want you to take action! Why?

Food has a significant carbon impact from carbon intensive fertilizers used for farming to methane released by ruminant animals. Switching to a mainly plant-forward diet can decrease your fossil fuel emission by up to 75%.

Plus, you might discover a new favorite that just so happens to be good for the planet.

#EarthDay2024 #EarthDay #PlantForward

LC Kitchen

Weekly Schedule

  • Breakfast     Mon-Fri, 7:00 am - 10:00 am
  • Lunch     Mon-Fri, 11:00 am - 2:00 pm
  • Coffee Bar     Mon-Thu, 7:00 am - 3:30 pm
  • Coffee Bar     Fri, 7:00 am - 3:00 pm

A food hall style cafe - featuring a specialty coffee bar and four unique food stations:

  • Homestead: garden fresh salads, savory soups and artisanal sandwiches made from scratch with selectively sourced vegetables, grains and fresh roasted meats.
  • Tacos Por Favor: festive taqueria with bold border flavors and snappy salsas.  made to order tacos, burritos and bowls.
  • Rhino Grill: grass-fed burgers, free range chicken and seasonal vegetables with chef-inspired, locally-sourced daily features.
  • Joeun: a modern take on authentic Korean cuisine serving bonchon, fried chicken, and traditional noodle/rice dishes.

Stay and savor, ot take it to go! LC Kitchen is convenient and cashless!



  • reg.$10.00
tortilla strips sauteed with ranchero sauce, fried eggs, pico de gallo, queso fresco, sour cream

Coffee Bar


served hot or iced. available with non-dairy milk alternatives coconut, soy, almond, and oat.
brown sugar syrup, cinnamon, and espresso shaken and topped with oat milk.
rich espresso, toasted macadamia syrup, 2% milk. served hot or iced: tall, grande, venti.
rich espresso, dark caramel sauce, 2% milk. served hot or iced: tall, grande, venti


  • reg.$2.50
climate candy faves: choose between cherry + strawberry, peach + mango, or blue raspberry + blueberry yummy real fruit chews. made from 100% imperfect fruits and veggies.
  • reg.$7.00
cranberries, pomegranate infused cranberries, dark chocolate cranberries, almonds, dark chocolate chunks and natural yogurt peanuts.
  • reg.$3.00
assorted flavors of Miss Vickie's kettle chips



  • reg.$13.00
fried chicken bites, buffalo sauce, chopped romaine, tomato, and red onion, pressed in a flour tortilla wrap, Served with blue cheese dressing, and chips


  • reg.$14.00
marinated & grilled beef skirt steak, peppers & onions, flour tortillas, served with cilantro lime rice & black beans


  • reg.$14.00
roasted salmon filet served with garlic mashed potatoes and buttered broccoli


  • reg.$14.00
fried chicken bites tossed in spicy garlic oil, cooked in housemade soy sweet & sour sauce. served with jalapeno relish and crispy onions over steamed rice.

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6549 Declaration Drive | Plano, TX | 75023

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